Mavi Gezegen is an A class travel agency in Istanbul. We've been providing travelling and tourism services for the companies since 15 years as a member of TURSAB (The association of Turkish travel agencies). One of our companies,which we are working with Unilever,Algida,Kimberly Clark,Turkish Telecominication and Pimaş.

Mavi Gezegen Travel maintained a stable growth as a destination management company handling many International meetings and a wide spectrum of specialized group tours.

We offer our customers,first-class and deluxe vacation packages to worldwide destinations. We travel to Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central and South America,The Bahamas. We are also authorized sales agent of Club Med,which has over 80 villages across 5 continents and with its G.O's representing around a hundred nationalities speaking over 30 languages,continues to emphasise its multicultural aspect.

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